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French STEM Resources - Presented by the WISEST Youth Council

The French STEM Resource project was created as a repository for French high school students to assist them in finding STEM resources. This collection centres on the issue that French STEM resources at the high school level can be challenging to find. Multiple types of media are included, such as academic articles, YouTube channels, and podcasts, catering to different needs and learning styles. The French STEM resource project was compiled to facilitate the search for quality French STEM resources.

Download the French version Download the English version

High School Scholarships List

This list was initially curated by Hannah P. and Erika E. from the 2022/2023 WISEST Youth Council and then updated by Ehlam I., Olivia E., Sara I., and Maria D. from the 2023/2024 WISEST Youth Council, as a way to support students in their STEM career journeys. This list is not exhaustive, so if you know of any other scholarship opportunities that would be a great addition to this document, please email to let us know! 

This list was last updated in January 2024. The deadlines provided give an idea of when applications are expected, however, users are strongly encouraged to look at updated deadlines for the current year by going to the scholarship’s website. 

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Thinking Ahead to University

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