For undergraduates, graduates, and early-career professionals in science, engineering, and technology seeking opportunities for support, networking and professional development, we’re proud to share that WISEST supports two networks to help you navigate your career stage. 

At each stage of your STEM journey, you are likely to experience unique challenges. WISEST is proud to support two networks to help you navigate those challenges as an undergraduate student through UA-WiSE, or as a graduate student to early-career professional through WiSER. We encourage you to explore the opportunities available to you through these two communities.

UA-WiSE - University of Alberta  Women in Science and Engineering

UA-WiSE (University of Alberta Women in Science and Engineering) is a student group at the University of Alberta that supports all undergraduate students underrepresented in fields including science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

UA-WiSE plans events that focus on topics such as mentorship, networking, different careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and the challenges of working in a non-traditional field.

WiSER - Women in Science, Engineering and Research

WiSER (Women in Science, Engineering & Research) was founded in 2008 as a WISEST-supported network to serve the needs of graduate students and early-career professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The community is composed of individuals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from academia, government, and industry.

Meet some of the Co-Chairs of the UA-WiSE and WiSER networks

Mentorship Network Image

The UA-WiSE & WiSER Mentorship program connects women and underrepresented individuals in STEM fields with mentors who help foster professional development and personal discovery



Anahita Sourate

UA-WiSE Mentorship Co-Chair
4th Year Civil Engineering Student, U of A

Why you should join UA-WiSE
I joined UA-WiSE because I was shocked by how many girls there were in my classes and how little diversity there was. I was expecting it to be better considering it was 2018 and by joining UA-WiSE, I hope to inspire more women and minorities to go into STEM. 

You should join UA-WiSE because it gives you an opportunity to work with like-minded people to create change in the community. It's also super exciting to create new projects and work on existing ones.
Venkata Prateeksha Vadali

UA-WiSE BTA Co-Chair
3rd Year BSc Honors
Environmental Earth Sciences, U of A

Why you should join UA-WiSE
I joined UA-WiSE because I wanted to increase awareness about low diversity in STEM fields within our community. I also wanted to provide resources to high-schoolers and students at our university regarding the different fields that exist within STEM, and that STEM is just a broad word that encompasses it all.

You should join UA-WiSE because it is a really dynamic team where you can improve different skills at the same time such as event planning, mentorship, public speaking, etc. You meet a lot of peers that are hard-working and inspire you to do better each day.
Noor Al-Zanoon

WiSER Co-Chair
PhD Candidate in Rehabilitation Science, U of A

Why you should join WiSER
I joined WiSER for the people. WiSER’s community is full of diverse individuals who share their unique stories and experiences as women and underrepresented groups in STEM. Serving as co-chair gives me the platform to amplify underrepresented voices in STEM.

WiSER is a supportive community where you can make long-lasting friendships with individuals who share your values and dedication to social change. It’s also a great network to develop transferable skills (e.g., project management, teamwork) and network with industry, government and academia.
Ali Chou

WiSER Co-Chair
Communications Associate at Glyconet

Why you should join WiSER
I joined WiSER to help in building a supportive community for women and underrepresented individuals in STEM. I want to challenge the status quo for women and underrepresented individuals in STEM fields and contribute to a positive change as co-chair.

WiSER is a community where you feel a sense of belonging, make lifelong friends, and build your professional network. WiSER is also a place that allows you to explore your skills, learn from your failures, and challenge yourself to become better day by day.