The WISEST STEM podcast is all about advancing the conversation around diversity and inclusion in science, engineering and technology. We talk to academics, industry professionals, graduate students, undergraduate students and high school students on a wide variety of topics revolving around equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in STEM such as allyship and mentorship! This podcast aims to engage junior high to high school-aged students.

Parents and teachers are invited to utilize this as a resource and opportunity to encourage their students to think about these topics and to dive deeper into the subject matter. 

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Podcast Episodes:

Episode 7: Pivoting in your STEM Career - Combining Passions

In this episode, join us as we sit down with Dr. Cassandra Donatelli (@CMDonatelli), a postdoctoral researcher, who made a pivot from an engineering degree to an academic career in fish biomechanics where she studies the many different ways fish swim and move. She shares about how her passions and a really important mentor helped her navigate her place in STEM.

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Episode 6: Pivoting in Your STEM Career - Life Circumstances

To kick off the new academic year, we’re rolling out a new mini-series! For the next three episodes, we’re going to be diving into the topic of pivoting in your STEM career. In today’s society, pivoting in a career often feels like failure because you end up somewhere you didn’t necessarily set out to be in the first place. However, this happens more often than not but is rarely ever talked about. So, we’re trying to flip the script by shedding light on the many reasons that influence someone to pivot in their career. In this episode, join us as we sit down with Brittany Conradi, an environmental consultant, who made a number of pivots in her career due to changing life circumstances. She shares about the challenges she faced, the support she had and ultimately how she found her place in STEM.

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Episode 5: Queer in STEM: Conversations of Belonging

AJ Stadnyk takes on the role as host in this episode as they interview Luam Araya, a Biochemistry Masters student at the University of Alberta on their journey in navigating the science world as a queer scientist. We ask them about what it’s like finding spaces of belonging, what the STEM world can do to make spaces more inclusive for queer folks and the importance of having successful queer folks to look up to.

During this episode, 2SLGBTQIA+ is replaced with the word queer and queer community. We would like to recognize that queer can be a heavy word for some folks. Queer in this context is defined as a word that describes sexual and gender identities other than straight and cisgender. For more information about the term queer check out this link: https://lgbtqhealth.ca/community/queer.php

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Episode 4. Finding My Place Through STEM as an Indigenous Woman

Join us as we sit down with Nicole Baker, nêhiyaw iskwew (Cree woman) from Red Pheasant Cree Nation, and a former Summer Research Program participant, to talk about her story of how she found belonging through STEM as an Indigenous woman.

In this episode, Nicole shares her experience in the WISEST Summer Research Program and all the things that followed which ultimately led her to pursue a career in relationship building with Indigenous communities. She shares candidly about some of the challenges she faced, how she overcame them and what she's most proud of. Nicole now works as the Indigenous Business Relations Coordinator with BIRD Construction Ltd. where her role is to create meaningful relationships among Indigenous communities that contribute to successful economic development, employment, and infrastructure projects.

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Episode 3. Tips and Tricks for Students Applying to the WISEST Summer Research Program

We haven’t skipped a beat with the pandemic because we’re running our 37th consecutive Summer Research Program this summer! Join us in this episode as we sit down with WISEST Program Coordinator, Bridget Fraser, to learn more about the program and to discuss what it takes to put together a polished application. After reviewing hundreds upon hundreds of applications, she shares tips on how to make your application stand out!

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Episode 2. Pursuing STEM as a Rural Student: Perspectives from an Academic and Industry Professional

Building off of our last episode, join us in this episode as we learn about the stories of WISEST board member, Dr. Lisa Willis (Assistant Professor) and SRP alumna, Samantha Jones (Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer), two successful STEM professionals, about their experience pursuing STEM while growing up in rural towns. They give a candid interview about the struggles they faced, how they persisted, and where that led them.

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Episode 1. Pursuing STEM as a Rural Student

Join us in this episode as we learn more about the stories of Ehlam Iftikhar and Milan Cuthbert, two former WISEST Summer Research Program students, who both spent time growing up in rural parts of Alberta. We ask them what it’s like to pursue STEM growing up in a rural town, the challenges they faced, the opportunities they took advantage of, and what they’re doing now!

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WISEST STEM Podcast: Introduction

We're excited to announce that we've started a podcast to engage our junior high and high school students! This podcast is all about advancing the conversation around diversity and inclusion in science, engineering and technology. In this episode, we meet Helen, WISEST Outreach Coordinator and the host of this podcast! You'll also learn about what to expect in future episodes!

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