WISEST Youth Council


Recognizing that WISEST’s main activities are designed to engage youth ages 15-21, it is apparent that having representation of this group of individuals leads to a stronger organization, a better understanding of our youth stakeholders, and emerging trends and needs. 
We invite students aged 15-21 from Edmonton, the surrounding region as well as rural communities across central and northern Alberta to participate. Monthly virtual meetings are held Sept - April and the opportunity to apply will be announced in July each year through the WISEST newsletter and on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

Expectations of Youth Council Members:

  1. Attendance and active participation in all scheduled meetings and project work. Occasional misses are sometimes unavoidable but meetings need to be considered a priority for all members.
  2. To be prepared for all meetings by doing assigned tasks and reading all documents prior to the meeting.
  3. Time commitment, monthly 1.5-hour meetings, and up to 5 hours a month in project work (1 hour a week).
  4. To bring your creativity, share your perspective, and demonstrate curiosity.
  5. To enthusiastically support the mandate of WISEST and embrace the role of WISEST ambassador.

Benefits to Youth Council Members:

  1. Building relationships, a sense of self and community, and networks
  2. Earning professional work experience and expertise
  3. Accessing greater opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, and learning
  4. Gaining opportunities to offer insights on issues related to youth engagement and diversity in STEM fields
  5. Making an impact on those who experience barriers to pursuing STEM education and careers


“I really enjoyed getting to know the Youth Council members and sharing each other's experiences and wisdom. It was truly an eye-opener to know more about the role diversity plays in our group and how previous experiences have shaped the group's interests. The environment in the group is always very positive and encouraging which allowed members to feel safe and comfortable to be able to participate in discussions.”
- Tharuni N (grade 12 student 2020/2021 youth council member)