After you apply to UAlberta and receive your 7-digit student ID, CCID, and password, you can apply online for a space in UAlberta's on-campus housing.

On-campus housing is guaranteed to all exchange students who start in September and apply by the April 30 deadline

The housing guarantee does not apply to exchange students beginning studies in January; however, there are generally fewer applications for housing at that time.


  • Don't delay your application for on-campus housing, especially if your exchange is to begin in January!
  • Residence Services is the team responsible for on-campus housing at UAlberta.
  • You must contact Residence Services at housing@ualberta.ca for all inquiries related to housing.
  • You can apply for on-campus housing even before you receive an admissions decision.
  • There is a small housing application fee which must be paid by credit card when you submit your housing application. This fee is non-refundable.
  • You *might* be able to apply to live in on-campus housing not listed in the regular housing application for exchange students.  For example, if you are taking most or all of your courses at our Campus Saint-Jean it may make more sense for you to apply to live there instead of on our North Campus.  Please contact Residence Services at housing@ualberta.ca if you wish to apply to live in on-campus housing not listed in the regular housing application.
  • If you wish to participate in any in-person orientation events and/or welcome services offered before the start of classes then you should check with UAlberta Residence Services at housing@ualberta.ca to ensure that you will be permitted to move into your on-campus housing early enough to facilitate activity participation.
  • Residence Services recognizes that some students might arrive in Edmonton before the official move-in day or outside regular key distribution hours due to personal reasons or travel plans.  Early check-ins are only possible for academic-related reasons.  If you arrive early or outside of your designated key distribution hours, you may need to arrange alternative accommodations until your designated check-in time or until Residence Services can provide your keys.

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Updated for 2024/25 applications