Tuition Payroll Deduction (Graduate Students)

Tuition Payroll Deductions

Students employed on a GRAF and Teaching/Research Assistants:

  1. Students must be on semi-monthly payroll.
  2. Your department forwards an Appointment form to Staff and Student Payments for each term payroll deductions are expected.
  3. Your tuition deduction can consist of up to 80% of your salary or 1/6 of the outstanding balance (whichever is less).
  4. This is a mandatory program and can not be opted out of. If you do not wish to have deductions off of your cheque, your tuition must be paid in full by the term deadline.
  5. You may not opt into this program. Only Graduate TA's, RA's and GRAF's qualify for payroll deductions.
  6. Your Department will submit the paperwork to Staff and Student Payments; you do not need to do anything.
  7. Questions should be directed to your Graduate Coordinator.

Payroll Deduction Rules

  1. Any fall tuition owing as of October 1st will be deducted from the student's October 10, October 25, November 10, November 25, December 10 and December 25 pay cheques in six (6) equal instalments. Similarly, any winter tuition owing as of February 1st will be automatically deducted from the student's February 10, February 25, March 10, March 25, April 10 and April 25 pay cheques in six (6) equal instalments. This program does not apply to the Spring and Summer terms (May through August). Students registered in the Spring/Summer terms will have deductions in May, June, July and August pay cheques.

    • Fall (Term 1): October, November, December
    • Winter (Term 2): February, March, April
    • Spring: May and June
    • Summer: July and August
  2. Subsequent increases or decreases in fees are split evenly across the remaining number of deductions.
  3. Overdue payroll deduction amounts will be assessed interest if for any reason they remain unpaid (e.g., the student ceases to be an employee). Under normal circumstances, the payroll deduction system will apply payments in a timely manner in order to avoid interest charges.
  4. Please ensure any remaining tuition balance is paid by the end of the term. Students cannot exempt themselves from this payroll deduction. Full tuition for the Fall and Winter terms must be paid by the respective deadlines in order to have no fees deducted from your pay cheque. This applies to Spring and Summer as well.

Note: The automatic payroll deduction is only taken from assistantship funding. Installments are not withdrawn from any scholarship funding students may be receiving.

Please refer to Graduate Studies for additional information.