Host an Intern

Why submit a project?

  • International exposure for your research
  • $6,000 CAD financial support for students
    • $4,000 CAD is funded centrally
    • $2,000 CAD commitment from the UAlberta faculty member or department
  • Support for graduate student recruitment
  • Research project is showcased at a poster symposium
  • Administrative and program assistance provided by UAI

Notice for Faculty of Arts professors

The Faculty of Arts has committed to funding up to 12 UARE research projects per year. Allocation is on a first come, first served basis.

Submitting a project

Faculty members interested in hosting an intern during summer or winter should submit a proposal for a research project. Projects are accepted from all Faculties in all disciplines.

UAI is now collecting projects from UAlberta faculty members for the January 2020 Winter Program and the 2020 UARE Summer program. For more details and to submit your project(s), please see our Project Proposal Form. Thanks for your interest!

Review Placement Process, Timelines & Important Dates