How to Apply

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When this program is accepting applications, please follow these steps carefully to apply:

  1. Please review the eligibility criteria and important dates before starting an application. While we appreciate your interest, only students enrolled at UARE designated partner institutions are eligible to apply and we are not currently adding more partners at this time. No exceptions.
  2. Review the available research projects on our website, which is populated using a google tool and may not appear for some users, or alternately in the Horizons database (step 3). You can filter by the program type 'UARE'. Please click on the Project Title row to view further details, such as the Host Professor, Academic Background(s) or Research Skills Desired from applicants, as well as the Start Date(s), Internship Location and Project Details.
  3. To find the research projects, on the Horizons website main page, click on the CSC/UARE Programs button, then click No. Then click on Search Programs (near top left of the webpage), and a listing of research projects should appear in the Results section. Check that the project title starts off with (UARE), then click on the hyperlinked research project title (under "Program Info") to view project details.
  4. You can apply for as many projects as you are interested in and qualified for, with a minimum of three (3) up to a maximum of eight (8). Please be sure to review the Academic Backgrounds section of the project listing carefully for the qualifications. We kindly recommend applying to at least three (3) different research projects with different host professors to increase your chances of being selected for the program.
  5. Register to apply for UARE by clicking on the "Incoming Student Registration" button at the bottom of the description page of the project you are interested in applying to. Do not click on the "I need to register for an account" link located in the top-right of the page.
  6. You will be prompted to provide your personal information and create an account password.
  7. After your account is created you will log into the system using your new account information and complete the application. There are required application documents that you will need to attach. Documents issued in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by an official English translation. Only an English translation will be accepted. Translations into any other languages will not be accepted. In the application you must provide the following documents: 
    • Cover Letter (Statement of Intent)
    • Resume/CV
    • Academic Transcripts (which prove your current university registration, course work taken, and ALL grades or marks in these courses) 
    • and the contact information for TWO (2) References. Your TWO references (one professional, one academic) will be sent an email from the Horizons system with details of the information requested and how to submit it. Your references may attach a letter, or answer some questions on a form, or both. You are allowed and encouraged to send reference requests to more than two people well ahead of the deadline, in case you are unsure if someone is available to recommend your application.
    • All of these items must be complete and included with your application by the deadline in order to be considered.
    • Please numerically indicate your project preference/ranking in the application forms (1 being your top preference, 2 being your second preference, etc.).
  8. Click on the "Submit Your Application" button. Please ensure that your references are aware of the deadline, and have enough time to electronically complete their recommendations. The system will confirm that your application has been submitted. After your application has been submitted, you will be able to check on whether the referees you designated have provided their references/recommendations. Only COMPLETE applications with TWO (2) references submitted by the published deadline will be considered. Please contact us BEFORE the application deadline if there is an issue (technical or otherwise) with one of your referees completing their recommendation for you in time, and we will work towards a resolution.
  9. Please be aware that there are no post-nomination steps to complete in Horizons for research internship applicants. Should you be selected for an internship, any other steps regarding your application will be communicated to you by EMAIL outside of the Horizons Symplicity system. Please be sure that the primary email address you've entered in the system is spelled correctly and checked frequently.
  10. During the application evaluation and selection period, please refrain from sending emails inquiring about results of the placements before the timelines indicated in the important dates section. Applications are processed as quickly and consistently as possible but there may be case-by-case delays. As such, comparing your application to your friend(s) or peer(s) will likely result in disappointment, as they may find out before you do and it does not mean that your application or their application was better or worse. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Please review the Important Dates for a timeline of when results will be released.