Important Dates

UARE research placements last a period of 12 weeks and typically take place January to March, May to July, and July to September.

Exact internship dates are dependent on the flexibility of the supervising professor.

UARE 2018 Placement Process & Important Dates

For Internships Starting May or July 2018

Aug.27, 2017

Project submission deadline for UAlberta professors

Sep.3 – Oct.15, 2017

Students from partner institutions apply to projects

Oct.22, 2017

Deadline for UAlberta to receive academic references

Oct.15-29, 2017

Preliminary eligibility screening of applicants

Oct.30 – Nov.12, 2017

Ranking of eligible applicants by project supervisors

Nov. 2017 – Feb. 2018

Internship offers sent to selected applicants

(Offers expire if no confirmation is received within 1 week)

Dec. 2017 – Feb. 2018

Immigration instructions and required documentation sent to selected applicants