Announcing the opening of the Bioarchaeology Laboratory in CEB 5-58.

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce the completion of the new Bioarchaeology Laboratory.

11 February 2011

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce the completion of the new Bioarchaeology Laboratory. The need for this new lab was identified initially in 2005, but it was a long, complicated, and sometimes arduous journey to fruition. Through initial proposals, to locating space, to finding support in the Arts Faculty, to finding dollars and the will to renovate, to developing the best layout given resources to meet the needs of our growing faculty, this 42m2 new lab space is now a reality.

The Bioarchaeology laboratory will support research in biological anthropology and zooarchaeology. In this new space, we have combined zooarchaeological preparation space (for processing animal bones - previously in Tory 1-27), thin section preparation (formerly in Tory 1-7) as well as casting and human bone preparation (formerly in Tory 1-82). This new facility meets Level 2 containment classification for biohazards and will open the department up to complete a broader range of activities than was previously allowed in our smaller labs.

The facility contains a biosafety cabinet, fume hood, boiling vat, sinks, Buehler thin section saw and Isomet grinder, and the new Leica SP1600 Saw Microtome, as well as various dissection equipment and freezer space.

Through the efforts of many, we now have a superior lab to study skeletal remains. Students have already begun to use the space that will support research in our department for years to come. If you require use of the space, please contact Harvey Friebe, Lab Director.

Particular mention should be given to the following people for their efforts to see this lab built:

· Identified the need for a new upgraded laboratory and tirelessly advocated for it (Pamela Mayne Correia)
· Located and acquired the space (Faculty of Arts - Colleen Skidmore, Sheila Cameron)
· Prepared the Facilities Alteration Request (Pamela Mayne Correia, Harvey Friebe, Rob Losey, Sandra Garvie-Lok, Nancy Lovell, Joanne McKinnon)
· Designed the lab (Harvey Friebe, Rob Losey). Harvey worked closely with the designers and contractors every step of the way throughout the process.