Frucht Wrap-up and Thank you

The 2011 Frucht Memorial Lecture and Student Conference was a huge success!

7 March 2011

Association of Graduate Anthropology Students'
2011 Richard Frucht Memorial Lecture Series &
Anthropology Graduate Student Conference

Graduate Paper Winners

1st Prize: Katie Waterhouse - Physical/Biological Anthropology Session

"Effect of bone age on bone burning and fragmentation: A quick glance at a potentially complex problem"

2nd Prize: Megan Highet - Human-Environment Relations in the North, Discussion Session

"Human-Environment Interaction and the Epidemiology of Smallpox in the Yukon Territory during the Klondike Gold Rush (1898-1904)"

Undergraduate Paper Winners

1st Prize: Barbara Hilden - Linguistic Anthropology Session

"The Linguistic Representation of Women"

2nd Prize: Pauline de Grandpre - Archaeology Session

"Las Ceramicas Viejas: The Creation of a Working Typology for Chihuahuan Ceramics"

Poster Winners

1st Prize: Matt Rawluk and Aileen Reilly (Undergraduates)

"Spatial Analysis of the Lithci Assemblage of A'hia M'neh (FiPp-33)"

2nd Prize: Mikiko Morris (Undergraduate)

"Osteological Evidence of Abuse and Negligence seen in Juveniles"

Honourable Mention: Taylor Bucyk (Undergraduate)

"Forensic Anthropology and Ancestry Estimation: Evaluating Current Techniques and Understanding its Limitations"

The 2011 Frucht Committee would like to thank all who volunteered their time to help in big and small ways to make this year's Richard Frucht Memorial Lecture Series and Anthropology Student Conference a success:

- Richard Frucht speaker: Dr. Monica Heller

- Paper presentation judges: Pam Mayne Correia and Krista Gilliland

- Poster presentation judges: Aaron Perkins and Ross Gordon

- Session Chairs: Mark Nuttall, Hillary Sparkes, Ross Gordon, Michelle Borowitz, Gabriel Asselin

- Public and Department Talk speaker introductions: Lisa Phillips

- Poster and program art designer: Christopher White (Frucht Artistic Designer)

- AGAS web page assistance: Nicole Eckert-Lyngstad

- Department of Anthropology Administrative Staff:
Erin Plume, Liz Jobagy and Gail Mathew

- University of Alberta's Anthropology Undergraduates (UAAU):
Amandah van Merlin and Kristina Hubenig

- Association of Graduate Anthropology Students (AGAS):
Katie Waterhouse and Lacey Fleming

Thank you,

Gabriel Asselin
Michelle Borowitz
Ross Gordon
Hillary Sparkes
Aaron A.E. Perkins
Deirdre Zasorin-White
- 2011 Frucht Committee