The Secret In The Wings


The Secret in the Wings

By Mary Zimmerman

Timms Centre For The Arts

Directed by Elizabeth Hobbs
Lights, Set and Costumes designed by Camille Paris
Full cast and credits can be found at the Dig Deeper website


Publicity photos by Mat Simpson Photography

Watch the play, then join an online discussion!

Join us Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at 1:00pm MST for an online, book club-style conversation, where you can share your thoughts on the play and hear what others have to say.

Hosted by Production Dramaturg Charlie Peters, this will be a facilitated conversation between audience members, encouraging you to dig into your unique experience of The Secret in the Wings. We’ll all have read the book - or rather, seen the play - and this will be our chance to chat about it!


About the play
It’s a bunch of kids in a basement playing dress up. It’s what happens when the Disney is sucked out of the fairy tale. It’s dozens of worlds and it's one child’s imagination. It’s wild.

Mary Zimmerman’s The Secret in the Wings is a playful and imaginative celebration of the power of stories. Scenes, songs, striking visuals, and dance collide to tell a series of lesser known fairy tales from a range of countries. All but one of the stories are split in half as the play fans in and then out again in a whirlwind of theatrical creativity.

Nine performers, 75 costumes, and over 100 props bring to life the deep darkness and the powerful love that only fairy tales can contain.

This production is the final thesis presentation for Elizabeth Hobbs (MFA Directing), Camille Paris (MFA Theatre Design), and Charlie Peters (MFA Theatre Practice).

Visit the Dig Deeper website for cast and crew bios, facts about the play, and other fun ways to engage the production!



A digital version of this production will be available to view from April 28-30, 2021.

Ticket Price: $10


You may also purchase tickets by contacting the Timms Box Office via email ( or phone (780-492-2495).

Please contact the Timms Box Office with any questions or concerns.

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