INTD 350* - Game Design Principles and Practice


INTD 350 provides a grounding in the fundamentals of game design through playing, building, and studying tabletop and other non-digital games. We use a project-based approach, emphasizing the iterative process of game design, to explore how rules create player experience and how designers can build better games, with more meaningful experiences.

Basic notions of game mechanics, design goals, design process, and player experience will be discussed. Students will gain experience in rapid prototyping and iterative design in their assignments and the lab exercises. Students will also play existing games in class and on their own to build a gaming literacy and see how successful games create meaningful play.

As part of the Computer Game Development Certificate, we emphasize multidisciplinary, product-focused teamwork. The game assignments will give you practice working in teams with people from various backgrounds, and working under a variety of constraints.


The course is focused on giving you skills for designing better games. By the end of the course you will have experience with rapid prototyping, running effective playtest sessions, and working on varied teams to take a game from rough idea to polished products. You will have explored core issues in game design through lectures, design exercises, gaming sessions, and discussions with fellow students and gamers.

Course Work

  • Game creation assignments
  • Lab exercises
  • Game quizzes
  • Lecture quizzes

*Note: INTD courses cannot be used to satisfy a CMPUT option or a Science option in any program.