Submitting proof of vaccination documents

Documents can be securely uploaded via web forms and must be under 6 MB. Acceptable vaccination validation documents include:

  • A jpeg or png copy of your vaccination receipt(s) or record within Alberta ; or
  • a jpeg or png copy of your vaccine receipt(s) or passport from another public health jurisdiction. Proof from any jurisdiction other than Alberta must contain:
    • your first and last name,
    • name of vaccine(s) issued,
    • date vaccine(s) administered, and
    • government or health care agency/entity who issued the record.

If you have a PDF copy of your proof of exemption, please take a screen shot and upload the image. Only jpeg or png files are accepted by CampusReady.

In Alberta, official vaccine records are available on MyHealth Records

1. Enter your email

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2. Click Next

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3. Read and agree to Privacy/Disclosure statement

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4. Select your relationship to the U of A

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5. Choose your vaccination status

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6. Select your documentation in png or jpeg format and upload

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7. Agree to statement regarding submission of false documentation

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8. Confirm your submission

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9. Check your email

Your CampusReady Pass will be emailed to you from

Please note: Until the CampusReady Pass functionality is approved for in-app use, this will serve as your CampusReady Pass on campus. Please take a screenshot so you can quickly access your pass if needed.