Services from the Counselling & Clinical Services

We offer the following five services to meet the needs of U of A Students:

Initial Consultations (IC) 

An IC is the first step in the help-seeking process. All students seeking an individual or group/couple therapy or psychiatric support are required to do an IC. The Initial Consultation involves meeting with a mental health clinician where you will share your main reason for seeking help. The clinician will ask you a series of questions to better understand your concerns and use these details to help you come up with a plan for how to move forward. This appointment typically takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Please note that students who do an IC may get further services at CCS or may be referred to community services; however doing an IC does not guarantee further services at CCS. Read more about ICs.

Individual & Couple Therapy

Short-term individual and couple therapy is provided by Registered Psychologists, Psychology Interns, and Practicum Students. Common reasons students seek therapy include: depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress management, suicidal thoughts, self-esteem, perfectionism, family issues, and trauma.

Couple therapy is available to any couples where at least one member is a registered student at the University of Alberta. Please note that accessing individual or couple therapy requires completing an Initial Consultation prior to attending a therapy session.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a common and effective method of treating different mental health concerns. You do not need to attend an Initial Consultation to attend group. Learn more about group therapy at CCS.

Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and the treatment of mental illness and emotional disorders. While they may provide counselling, their approaches to treatment are usually more biologically based; for instance, they may prescribe medication. Accessing a psychiatrist at CCS requires a referral from either a physician at the University Health Centre, or your family doctor. Our psychiatrists work on a consultancy model that allows them to assess, treat, stabilize, and then refer patients back to their family physician for routine follow-up and maintenance.

Drop-In Workshops

Workshops are casual seminars that teach participants practical and realistic strategies to deal with a particular mental health topic, such as mood, anxiety, perfectionism, self-compassion, and body image. Please note that students who want to attend our Drop-In Workshops only are not required to attend an IC. Find out more and register for workshops. 

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