Dr. John A. Allan standing outside a trapper's tent

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2020 marks the 100th year since the publication of "The First Annual Report on the Mineral Resources of Alberta." This historically significant report was written by Dr. John Allan, the University of Alberta's first professor of geology. Dr. Allan compiled what was known about 18 potential mineral resources for the provincial government. His findings inspired the creation of what are now known as the Alberta Geological Survey, and Alberta Innovates, two provincially funded organizations that support research and innovation. To celebrate the anniversary, this website introduces you to 13 mineral resources that were commercially produced either in the past or the present, as well as a couple of minerals that are found in Alberta that have not been produced yet.

Click on an icon to learn more about a mineral. Challenge yourself to complete the puzzles after exploring the website.

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Limestone & Dolomite
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Marl & Tufa
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Metallurgical Coal

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Sand & Gravel
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Other Minerals