The Graduate Certificate in School Leadership consists of four graduate-level ★3 courses: 2 are required courses, and 2 are chosen from a list of approved electives.

Courses have both synchronous and asynchronous components, including online (Zoom) class sessions. Dates and times are determined by the instructor.

Note: you must take a course in the term for which you apply. Course offerings are dependent upon sufficient enrollment.

Required Courses

EDU 520 Foundations of School Leadership ★3

Explore the foundational dimensions of school leadership including instructional leadership, fostering effective relationships, supporting the application of foundational knowledge about Indigenous Peoples, visionary leadership, leading learning communities, modelling continuous professional learning, developing leadership capacity, understanding the social context influencing schooling, and managing school operations and resources. Note: EDU 520 is offered in all semesters.

EDU 521 School Leadership: Theory and Practice ★3 (Prerequisite: EDU 520)

Hone leadership practices grounded in research to demonstrate mastery of Alberta's Leadership Quality Standard (LQS). Includes a job-embedded learning component in which participants visit, observe, and collaborate with a school leader or leadership team in a school setting of their choice, in which the Alberta Program of Studies is offered. Note: EDU 521 is offered in all semesters but Summer.

Completion of the required courses fulfills the academic requirements for principal certification in Alberta.

Approved Electives

Approved electives are offered on a rotating basis, dependent upon sufficient enrolment. For current offerings, click here, or contact


The program uses the University of Alberta's 4-point scale grading system. For more information about the University of Alberta grading system, see the grading system at the Office of the Registrar.