Diploma in Secondary Education

The Diploma in Secondary Education is a flexible program designed for those who wish to pursue advanced study in Secondary Education beyond the baccalaureate degree. Among the many common reasons for enrolling in the Diploma program are to:

  • develop another area of teaching expertise;
  • gain further knowledge in one's undergraduate major or minor area;
  • acquire additional academic background prior to undertaking graduate work at the Master's level;
  • further one's professional development in the field of education

Application and Admission

Admission to a diploma program normally requires an undergraduate degree and a professional teaching certificate. Completion of a Diploma does not qualify an individual for a teaching certificate. Applicants who do not currently hold a teaching certificate will not receive one upon completion of a one-year diploma. Those interested in qualifying for a teaching certificate must take the basic Certification program described in Section 73.9 of the University Calendar.

The minimum required grade for courses to be credited to a Diploma program is a C-. The program may be taken part-time, however students who fail to complete the diploma program requirements in four years from date of starting the program may have their diploma program reviewed and, if necessary, rearranged according to prevailing requirements.

Courses credited to a Diploma Program may not also be credited to a MEd program. Students who now hold the MEd degree may not obtain a Diploma based on courses credited to the MEd degree program.

All applicants to the diploma program, whether a new student or one returning to the U of A must complete an Application of Admission, Readmission or Internal Transfer form, and submit it along with all of the relevant documentation to the Office of the Registrar by the published deadline.

Course Work

Course work for the Diploma normally consists of *24 (the equivalent of eight 3-credit courses). These *24 are normally comprised of:

  • (*18) From the chosen subject area of specialization (Go to the University Calendar - select "Secondary Education Route", then scroll to the last section titled "Education Chart 2")
  • (*3) EDSE 505 Introduction to Curriculum Studies (required for all diploma programs)
  • (*3) Open option

Undergraduate Program Administrator
Email: educ.info@ualberta.ca