Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is an educational approach that provides learners with hands-on experiences to gain knowledge, skills, and understanding. When implemented, these activities prepare students for life after graduation by prompting them to actively engage in real-world experiences, apply their theoretical knowledge in practical situations, and interact with the subject matter or the environment being studied.

At the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering, experiential learning takes place in various settings, including classrooms, labs, workplaces, and outdoor environments, and can be extracurricular or part of the classroom. Experiential learning is a crucial part of engineering education, and students in the Faculty have access to a wide range of opportunities through the support of student organizations, faculty members, staff, industry and community partners.

Explore Experiential Learning Opportunities

Discover the wide range of experiential learning opportunities at the Faculty of Engineering.

Engineering Co-op Program

The Engineering Co-op Program combines academic coursework with paid industry experience, enabling students to alternate between study and work terms for hands-on learning, practical application of classroom theory, and the development of professional connections pre-graduation.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship (ICE) Engineering Incubator is a central hub for entrepreneurial students, offering tailored workshops and sessions to develop entrepreneurial skills, providing a physical workspace for bringing ideas to life, and guiding students through the intricacies of launching a business.

International Experiences

The Faculty of Engineering extends the University of Alberta’s commitment to offer all students a globalised learning environment, supporting their career aspirations as they learn to act as responsible citizens.


The U of A provides opportunities for students to earn a certificate, showcasing additional skills and proficiencies that will be beneficial to their careers. Interested students should discuss these certificate-programs with Engineering Student Services.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research provides students with valuable opportunities to explore paths in graduate studies, gain professional knowledge, skills, and connections related to careers in research.

Student Projects

The Faculty of Engineering fosters diverse student projects, from toboggans with concrete skis to Earth-orbiting cube satellites; group members gain practical engineering experience, compete at national and international levels, and build professional networks.

Elko Engineering Garage

The Elko Engineering Garage is an open makerspace for all U of A students. The garage hosts multiple workshops every week and integrates with academic coursework to extend the classroom experience.

Student Funding

Looking for financial assistance to make your own experiential learning opportunity a reality? Any Faculty of Engineering student, project group, or affiliated student group can apply for funding for faculty-related activities such as attending a conference, going to engineering competitions, supporting the operations of your group, and more.

Apply for funding

Application Periods

Sept. 1 - Dec. 1

Applications will be considered for events happening between January - April.

Jan. 1 - Apr. 1

Applications will be considered for events happening between May - August.

May 1 - Aug. 1

Applications will be considered for events happening between September - December.

Industry and Community Supporters

Many experiential learning opportunities, including site visits, hackathons, and design challenges, are possible only through the support of industry and community partners. Please contact our team if you are interested in engaging with our students through an experiential learning opportunity.

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Incorporating experiential learning into the classroom

Incorporating experiential and active learning into the classroom offers a wide range of benefits for both students and educators. The Experiential and Professional Education team is dedicated to supporting engineering faculty and teaching staff with the integration of experiential learning into engineering education and offers resources, administrative and logistical support, training to enhance teaching, and one-on-one coaching and advising.

Experiential Learning Toolkit

Looking for Administrative or Logistics Support?

Our team provides support to faculty and staff looking to include an experiential learning opportunity in their classroom, including event planning and logistics, and assistance in collaborating with industry, community, or campus partners. Contact us.

Integrate Experiential Learning Into Your Classroom

Our SPARK-Eng Instructional Coaches can offer guidance in incorporating experiential and active learning into instruction, developing lesson plans, increasing student engagement, and adapting assessments.

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The Faculty of Engineering's Experiential and Professional Education team collaborates with students, industry, faculty, and community partners to support and promote a variety of experiential learning opportunities, both curricular and extracurricular.

Email us at engg.experiential.learning@ualberta.ca

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