Doctor of Philosophy

Take your post-secondary education to the next level by completing the thesis-based PhD program. This program is designed to increase your analytical skills and leads to careers in academics or corporate research.


Courses in a doctoral program are assigned by the supervisor and supervisory committee, in consultation with the student. They are designed to enhance the depth and breadth of understanding in the field of study. The course requirements are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the student’s background. All doctoral candidates must prepare and defend a thesis of high caliber on an approved topic, as well as complete FGSR’s ethics and professional development requirements. 

For the program requirements, candidates should refer to the Department
Graduate Studies Handbook from the year in which they are admitted and the
FGSR’s Graduate Program Manual.


A minimum of three years is required to complete the program. The maximum
time permitted for completion of a Doctoral of Philosophy program is six
years from the date of first registration.