Construction Innovation Centre

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Building a Competitive Advantage

The construction industry benefits from our critical mass of researchers who are on the leading edge of effective and efficient building methods, construction engineering, and project management. These researchers and highly trained professionals are focused on increasing productivity and competitiveness.

More than 30 engineering professors-including nine research programs supported by more than 50 partners in industry, professional associations, and funding bodies-are establishing the Construction Innovation Centre. Integrating this constellation of research and education into a single point of construction expertise will provide unparalleled opportunities for construction innovation.

The University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering is the centre of construction research expertise, creating high-impact solutions and educating the next generation of innovative construction engineers. We are home to:

  • The Hole School of Construction Engineering,
  • The Nasseri School of Building Science and Engineering,
  • Masonry Engineering Research Group and
  • The Steel Structures Research Group.



  1. Greater alignment of research with industry needs and applications
  2. A unified construction research platform delivering high-impact research solutions
  3. Integration of different disciplines in support of construction-related research
  4. Practical professional development to equip industry partners with leading-edge knowledge and skills
  5. Improved learning for the next generation of construction engineers
  6. Enhanced engagement with all orders of government to increase and sustain investment in construction in Canada
  7. Increased productivity and competitiveness of construction organizations through greater use of new, innovative technologies
  8. Large-scale construction research projects that have a greater impact on the construction industry