Connected Vehicles

Canada's First Connected Vehicle Test Bed Network: ACTIVE-AURORA

The CST led the development of Canada's first connected vehicle test bed network, with facilities in both Edmonton (ACTIVE) and Vancouver (AURORA). For more information about this project click here.

Anticipated duration: 2014-2017 (Phase 1), 2017-2020 (Phase 2)

Participating agency: Government of Canada, Government of Alberta, City of Edmonton, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia

Connected Vehicle Based Traffic Dynamic Modeling and Proactive Freeway Control to Improve Mobility

The objective is to advance understanding of connected vehicle based freeway control and improve systems analysis methods used to better operate freeways and to improve mobility.

Anticipated duration: 2016-2020

Participating agency: NSERC Discovery Grant

St. Albert Trail Corridor Traffic Signal Optimization

Connected vehicle infrastructure is being implemented along St. Albert Trail.

Anticipated duration: 2017-2018

Participating agency: City of St. Albert

Connected Vehicle Technologies Applied at Grade Rail Crossing Warning

The objective is to advance understanding of how connected vehicle technology can be applied to grade rail crossing warnings.

Anticipated duration: 2017-2019

Participating agency: Transport Canada, subcontracted from University of Waterloo