Track 2: Multi-functional MTP-concrete Composite Floor Systems

IRC research track 2 is intended to develop design procedures and construction details for mass timber panel - concrete composite floor systems that meet the structural, acoustic and fire performance requirements of building codes.

Project T2-1: Understanding interaction between serviceability, structural, acoustics and fire performance

The objective of this research is to conduct acoustic testing of MTP-concrete floor systems with STS and notched timber connections, develop optimum construction details for various occupancy requirements and generate design guide that addresses various performance attributes, including structural, vibration, acoustics and possibly fire.

HQP (PDF): Jianhui Zhou (2018.03-)

Project T2-2: Development of structural design procedure for MTP -Concrete composite floor system

The objective of this research is to characterize concrete-insulation-MTP connection properties, develop structural design procedures for strength and deflection of MTP-concrete composite floors (may account for two-way action) and test MTP-concrete strip beam and full-size floor.

HQP (PhD): Md Abdul Mirdad (2017.01-)

Project T2-3: Development of innovative MTP-concrete composite floor system with notched timber connection

The objective of this research is to develop optimum notch profile to achieve maximum connection stiffness and strength properties, characterize notched timber connection MTP-concrete floor systems, including concrete shrinkage and develop floor system details and design procedure.

HQP (PhD): Lei Zhang (2017.09-)