WRITE 295 B1: Introductory Prose Fiction: The Elements of Story

T. Wharton

Write 295 is an introductory workshop course in the writing of short prose fiction. Our focus will be on the elements of effective storytelling. The purpose of this course is to help you grow as a writer, both in terms of craft and as a critical thinker about fiction and the writing process. Each week we will discuss students' written work as well as the craft and techniques of the writing of short fiction, with reference to works by published authors. There will be additional in-class writing exercises and assignments from time to time. You will submit two stories (workshop drafts) for workshopping in class. You will then choose one of these two workshop drafts to submit as a revised draft, along with a short essay (500 words) on your writing and revision process. Students will also give an informal storytelling presentation to the class. There is no final examination.

All current University of Alberta students who have completed 3 credits of junior English may register in this course. Prior experience writing short fiction is not required but is recommended. Individual WRITE courses may also be taken without enrolment in a degree program, through Open Studies. For inquiries or more information contact the instructor, Prof. T. Wharton, at twharton@ualberta.ca.