Protocol for Notifications Regarding Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

How and when you will be notified about COVID-19 occurrences on U of A campuses

Last updated: January 11, 2021

A Note about Privacy

In Alberta, privacy laws protect the locations and personal information of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. Please respect the rights, health and safety of fellow community members, and follow U of A COVID-19 reporting protocols

Notifications to Individuals Who May Have Been Impacted by COVID-19

If you are part of an organized university activity and you are identified by AHS or the U of A Rapid Response Triage Team as being impacted by a COVID-19 exposure, you will be notified as soon as possible via your email address (students and employees), or the email address provided when registering as an external participant.

U of A instructors, supervisors, and campus activity coordinators may be asked to work with the U of A Rapid Response Triage Team and AHS to issue notifications. See U of A COVID-19 rapid response protocols.

Please note that if you have NOT been contacted by AHS or the U of A Rapid Response Triage Team, you can continue on with your regular activities on campus UNLESS you have any core COVID-19 symptoms that are unrelated to a pre-existing illness or you tested positive. See COVID-19 sick procedures for more information.

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General Notifications to the U of A Community

If AHS or the U of A determines there is a risk to any U of A group or our greater community, the university will issue community-specific notifications (such as to a particular class or work unit, or occupants of a particular building) and public notifications as appropriate through the following channels: 

Confirmed cases in our province and health region are regularly reported by the Government of Alberta. AHS outbreak management is currently focused on what it defines as high priority settings, including acute care, congregate care, and congregate living (e.g. corrections, shelters); new outbreaks are no longer being declared by AHS outside of these settings.

In compliance with Chief Medical Officer of Health recommendations, the university will not issue general public notifications about individual exposures or cases unless Alberta Health Services determines there is a community risk. 

This protocol supports the U of A’s comprehensive COVID-19 Rapid Response Plan, which mitigates against the spread of COVID-19 on our campuses. 

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