Romi Irwin

Parent of Camp fYrefly participant

Camp fYrefly is absolutely amazing! My child has attended the camp for two years, and it has been nothing but positive experiences. This Camp helped our family and most likely saved my child's life! My child lives for this camp to come around every year, and would go more if they had it more often.

The Camp - the people that run it and the people that attend - are such great human beings, and though my child has a unique circumstance he lives, has found a place where he fits in this world, and feels so much better when walking away from Camp fYrefly every year! He has a place where he belongs, and the people there are ALL fantastic, welcoming, and understanding! It has taught my child that who he is is alright in this world, and anyone with a problem with him is the one with the problem.......not him! He comes away renewed and feeling super about himself and his place in this world!

If your child has an opportunity to attend, you should jump at the chance! It will change your child's life completely!