Dr. Adam Keough

What is your role at the GSSMC?

Sports and exercise physician.

What is your academic rank at the U of A?

I am an associate professor at the University of Alberta.

What did you study and where?

I was born in Camrose and Came to Edmonton at a young age, I grew up in North Edmonton. I started my undergrad in Biological Sciences and psychology at Grant Macewan and then finished at the University of Alberta. I went to medical school and residency at the U of A and did my fellowship in sports medicine at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic.

What is your clinical specialty?

I deal with all athletic injuries as well as manage chronic pain complaints.

What teams do you work with now/in the past and in what capacity?

I currently am associated with Grant Macewan Athletics, U of A Football as a team physician, I have frequently helped with coverage of U of A Pandas rugby. As I work with the Edmonton Oilers as a team physician. I have helped with team Canada Tae kwon doe at a Junior international tournament in Tunisia and as chief medical officer for Judo Nationals here in Edmonton in 2019. I helped with the Edmonton NHL Bubble as a primary care sports medicine physician.

Do you have any specific research interests?

I am interested in primary care research and how sports medicine can be incorporated into primary care.

What days/hours to you work at the GSSMC?

I am currently at the GSSMC on Fridays. 8-4.

What is your favorite way to stay active?

I enjoy a mix of activities some of my favorites are weight lifting, spin class, tennis, golf, flag football, and basketball. During the COVID pandemic in found ways to stay active by going for walks around my community and doing home spin classes.

What is a ‘fun fact’ about you that may surprise others?

When I was young I wanted to be a professional juggler/clown, I’m fairly proficient in juggling and decent at balloon animals, however I would never be able to tolerate full face paint. When I did not get accepted into clown college I settled for a rewarding career in Medicine.