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Summer 2023 Program Information will be available in December.


The summer language course is organized by the International University Club of Munich (IUCM) in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs of Munich's Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU).

The University has long been recognized as a center of excellence for the study and teaching of German as a foreign language. Language teaching at the Summer German Language course in Munich is proficiency-based and aims to develop four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

Each course is designed to teach the language within its academic, cultural and social context, so that students deepen their knowledge of Germany, whilst simultaneously developing their language skills.

Language courses will be supplemented by a variety of activities such as lectures, films and excursions to points of local cultural significance. Tutors shall also participate in the extra-curricular activities and are available for consultation throughout.

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Summer

Dates & Duration: August 2- 27, 2022 

Eligibility Requirements

Open to: All Faculties

Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

See Eligibility.

Program Information

Language of Instruction: English, German

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität: German Language Course Information

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Small groups, excellent and committed teachers, intensive instruction, an inspiring environment - MISU provides German language courses for all levels and purposes. Each course lasts for about 4 weeks. Each class is designed to teach the German language (all levels - basic, intermediate, advanced) within its academic, cultural, and social context, so that students improve their language skills while simultaneously deepening their knowledge of Germany. Interactive teaching is of particular importance for all lectures.

The four-week language course is designed for foreign students in all areas of study. The goal of the course is to improve present language skills or to get to grips with the German language. The content of the course will focus on regional studies and the academic life giving an insight into everyday life and culture in Munich.

The course schedule for classes will be devised according to the different language levels of each group.

Contents of the course:

Beginner's Course (A1 - A2) This course is suitable for students who have no or very little knowledge of the German language. The beginner's course will cover fundamental grammar and language skills, as well as current political, social, and cultural issues. The course will also involve various group work and projects (e.g. creating a class newspaper). Emphasis shall also be placed upon the strengthening and enrichment of their vocabulary base.

Intermediate/Advanced Course (B1 - C1) The course members should already have acquired a solid understanding of the grammar topics taught in the beginner's course. Students should also be able to understand challenging texts, such as newspaper articles, and should not experience any difficulty in problems understanding everyday situations. In this course we will concentrate on language, as it specifically pertains to academic study. Grammatical structures will be covered according to the needs of the course members, which are based on challenging current political and literary texts. In addition, other relevant texts (literature and history of Munich) will be treated and assigned, in part, through group work. Furthermore the strengthening and enrichment of the vocabulary will be an aim of this course. Among other things, we will look at common situations which one could face while studying at a German university. This could include topics that do not form part of 'everyday conversation'. The workload for the intermediate and advanced courses will depend upon involvement in independent study and group work.

Fees & Costs

Education Abroad Nomination Fee: $250.00 CAD

More information about fees charged by LMU for this program, and what those fees include and don't include, can be found on the LMU website.

Fees are subject to change without notice. 


Information about available accommodations can be found on the LMU website.

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University of Alberta International, Education Abroad

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