Dealing with the Cut

Failing to make a team can be a discouraging experience for youth. Here are some tips to help ease the pain and encourage positive athletic development

Nicole Graham - 17 October 2017

Deselection from a sports team-or 'getting cut'-can be a harrowing experience for a young athlete. According to Kacey Neely, PhD graduate from the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, the deselection process is three-fold and incorporates not only the young athlete, but parents and coaches as well.

"The impact of getting cut can have a lasting effect," says Neely, whose PhD research looked at the deselection process of young athletes from the perspective of the coach, parent, and athlete. "How deselection is carried out and communicated from the coach to the parents and athletes is a delicate process and should be handled with care in order to continue positive development in young athletes."

Neely says that while the feelings of frustration and disappointment of getting cut may never go away, appropriate communication plans and coping strategies can help ease the pain and encourage positive athlete development for years to come.

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