Teaching Assistantships

Fall/Winter Teaching Assistantship Funding

Each teaching assignment has the course number (HE ED xxx, RLS xxx), the role of your assignment, the time, room, the number of hours per week you will work on average, and the amount of money you will be paid each month for each assignment.

LAB is a laboratory attached to a lecture course. You are assigned to lead the smaller groups in each lab. Normally if a lab is 2 hours then you are assigned 4 hours. The extra 2 hours are for lab instructor meetings, preparation, and possibly some marking of lab assignments.

The Course Lab Coordinators, Alex Game and Christina Lau, will meet with the lab instructors regularly to help you prepare for your labs each week.

SEM is a seminar and is similar in nature to the lab assignment. A larger lecture group of students is divided into smaller groups for seminars. The purpose of seminars is to allow students to discuss assigned topics and to give presentations. Your assignment is to facilitate discussion and to give students feedback.

The course instructor will meet with the seminar leaders to clarify the exact duties and responsibilities.

There are various abbreviations used to indicate your role:

  • LA- Assist Course Lab Coordinator with lab instruction
  • LC- Lab Coordinator: instruct the lab portion of a course
  • SL- Seminar Leader: facilitate discussion, help students prepare presentations
  • JS- Job Shadow: observe and assist an instructor, lab coordinator or seminar leader to learn how to lead the lab, seminar or course on your own in the future.
  • GCA- General Course Assistance: assist the course instructor with responding to students' questions via email, assist with class preparation, and marking assignments and/or exams.