Dr RE Bell Memorial Lecture


Dr. R. Edward Bell
Department of Clinical Pathology

1949 - 1973


The Dr. R.E. Bell Memorial Lecture is a tribute to Dr. Bell who founded Alberta's first Department of Laboratory Medicine at the University of Alberta Hospital and established academic training programs in laboratory medicine and medical technology.

Dr. Bell was born in Edmonton in 1918. He graduated from Medical School at the University of Alberta in 1942 and promptly joined the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, reaching the rank of Captain. After the war, he did a year of postgraduate medical training in England, a residency in pathology at the University Hospital in Edmonton, and a fellowship in pathology at the University of Minnesota. In 1949 he returned to the University Hospital as Director of Clinical Laboratory Services. He became Chairman of the Department of Laboratory Medicine in 1970.

Dr. Bell's father was a physician, and Dr. & Mrs. Bell have three sons, all of whom are practicing medicine. Two grandchildren are carrying on the tradition and becoming fourth generation health care providers; one is practicing Family Medicine in St. Albert and another is completing a Post Doctoral in Neurosciences in Montreal.


2021 RE Bell Memorial Lecture


Title: To Do Well, You Must Be Well: Staying Sane & Surviving BS in the Age of COVID

Speaker: Dr. Peter Brindley, MD FRCPC FRCP (edin) FRCP (lond)
Professor of Critical Care Medicine, Medical Ethics, Anesthesiology
Attending Physician, Critical Care Medicine
Director, Neurosciences ICU
University of Alberta Hospital


Full-time Critical Care Doc at the University of Alberta Hospital who suspects nobody reads bios. Just in case, he is a tenured full Professor of Critical Care Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Medical Ethics, and has his name associated with over 150 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 30 book chapters, and 90 other articles, including regular opinion pieces for the British Medical Journal. He has written one book and has another on the way. He has likely bored the pants off audiences in 15 countries during approximately 500 invited presentations, 50 plenaries and 10 named lectures. He is convinced that happiness is about finding meaning and showing gratitude. He is proudest of his two feral kids, neither of whom give a hoot about his work-related achievements