About the HLI

In 1977 Professor Ellen Picard (now Justice Picard of the Alberta Court of Appeal) launched the Faculty of Law's Health Law Institute (HLI) and in so doing established the very first research institute in Canada in the health law field. The HLI began as a resource center, evolving into an international center for health law, and home to several leading health scholars, including Gerald Robertson, Timothy Caulfield, Erin Nelson and Peter Carver, among others. Led by Research Director Timothy Caulfield, the HLI recently amalgamated with the Faculty of Law's Health Law and Science Policy Group, creating a single entity with a broader interdisciplinary research focus. This transition has allowed for the development of a wider research portfolio in the areas of health law and science policy, with activities being funded by a variety of provincial and federal funding agencies including Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions, the Allergy, Genes and Environment (AllerGen) Network, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), Genome Alberta, Genome Canada, and the Stem Cell Network.

Broadly the goals of the newly configured HLI are to conduct health law and science policy research, disseminate scholarly outputs and policy work to a broad interdisciplinary community, facilitate collaborative opportunities with national and internationally based researchers and organizations, and attract top graduate students to the Faculty.