Undergraduate Summer Research Awards



Name LKSIoV Supervisor # Months Total Stipend ($1,500/mn) Project Title
David Tianqin Yao Lisa Willis 4 $6,000 Investigating secreted glycoproteins in breast cancer
Emma Kasinyabo Vanessa Meier-Stephenson 4 $6,000 Towards a novel therapy for chronic hepatitis B virus – targeting the chronic form of hepatitis B virus
Eva Craik Michael Houghton 4 $6,000 Characterization of the cross-neutralization response using recombinant glycoproteins E2 from various HCV strains
Isabelle Bernard Michael Hawkes 4 $6,000 Chitinase-3-like protein 1 as a marker of systemic inflammation in children with vertically-acquired HIV
Pedro Almeida Lisa Willis 4 $6,000 Sex differences in immunomodulatory glycans
TOTAL $30,000

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LKSIoV Undergraduate Summer Research Awards 2021


Name LKSIoV Supervisor # Months Total Stipend ($1,500/mn) Project Title
Bradley Dubrule Amit Bhavsar 4 $6,000 Protein-based inhibitors of bacterial effector proteins
Ji Hyun (Lucy) Lee Sue Tsai 4 $6,000 The impact of insulin resistance on CD8+ T cell-mediated anti-tumor immunity
Mai Huynh Shokrollah Elahi 4 $6,000 Investigating the role of dexamethasone in the differential expression of ACE2/TMPRSS2
Naomi Perkins Andrew Mason 4 $6,000 Prognostic evaluation of mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolic remodeling in peripheral blood of patients with primary biliary cholangitis
TOTAL $24,000
LKSIoV Undergraduate Summer Research Awards 2020


Name LKSIoV Supervisor # Months Total Stipend ($1,500/mn) Project Title
Hery Lee Deborah Burshtyn 4 $6,000 Investigating the interaction of immune regulatory receptors with myelin
Katarzyna Dzierlega Xavier Clemente-Casares 2 $3,000 The role of activin A in cancer-associated muscle wasting
Tyce Culp David Marchant 4 $6,000 Inhibiting RSV binding to IGF1R
Vasyl Yavorskyy  Andrew Mason 3 $4,500 RNA analysis of primary biliary cholangitis patients responding to obetocholic acid treatment
TOTAL $19,500