Convocation - MACT

There are two Convocation ceremonies at the University of Alberta each year: June and November. You will be eligible to graduate after meeting all requirements of the MACT program. For the MACT Convocation deadlines (25 March or 25 August) you must have completed the following checklist.

Convocation Checklist for Course-based students:

  1. Successfully complete all 7 core and 3 elective courses and the research project course.
  2. Emailed confirmation from your project supervisor that your capping research project is complete to the MACT office.
  3. Submit a PDF of your finished project to the MACT office
  4. Submit the completed ERA Author Permission form to the MACT office to authorize the posting of your capping project to the University of Alberta Library Education and Research Archive (ERA). Learn more about ERA.
  5. For students admitted in Spring 2017 and onward: Submit your completed Individual Development Plan and PD Completion form with accompanying documentation of participation to
  6. Ensure all eligible electives taken outside the MACT program or prior to admission have been transferred for credit. Check your student record on Bear Tracks.
  7. Confirm via Bear Tracks that all fees and fines have been paid in full.
  8. Apply to graduate via Bear Tracks. Deadlines change each year so check the U of A convocation website (within the Registrar's Office site) for exact deadlines. They are generally in early April for spring and early October for fall convocation.

Guidelines for formatting your capstone project are available in the MACT Student Handbook.

MACT Thesis students should consult the FGSR website for information on thesis preparation, requirements and deadlines