eClass (powered by Moodle) is the home for all University of Alberta online course sites. Login to eClass using your CCID and password to access your MACT courses.

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As a MACT student, you will use the Internet to access a website (eClass) where all course information is located. There is also a place for conferencing, where you will enter into dialogue with your classmates and instructors. The conferencing system works like a bulletin board where messages are exchanged and information distributed.

The type of online learning that the MACT utilizes most fully is called asynchronous. Students learning asynchronously can access the course and do the work required for it whenever it is convenient for them - for example, in the early morning, during their lunch hour, or in the evening. The entire course is archived and all messages remain available for reading and response throughout the term in which its offered. Three of the MACT core courses and all electives that we offer are delivered online.

Synchronous technology, on the other hand, requires all learners to be online at a certain time. Chat sessions or office hours with instructors may be set up in different courses at specified times, but these are typically optional.

Online courses in the MACT program have start and end dates in the same way as other University of Alberta courses which run on the semester system (i.e. fall term runs from early September to early December). Within this time frame, due dates are set for completing sections and submitting assignments. The entire group of students (your cohort) proceeds through the course on the same schedule, meeting the same deadlines.

The flexibility of distance learning allows you to choose when and where to learn - at home, in the workplace, or even in a hotel room while you travel for work or pleasure. The structure provided by the semester scheduling supports your progress through the program.