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Managing your Program

As a graduate student, there can be challenges to managing your program. Work and family are only two of the competing interests for your time and attention. However, attending to the responsibilities of being a University of Alberta graduate student rests with you.

The MACT program and its students are under the governance of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR). Please review the FGSR section of the Academic Calendar to familiarize yourself the regulations by which your program of study is governed. The MACT office can provide clarification and guidance when you request it.

The MACT Student Handbook is a resource for managing your studies and your final capstone project.

While this is not a comprehensive list, these links are a useful starting place:

  • Major Deadlines in the Academic Year -The University of Alberta publishes important deadlines in the Academic Calendar each year and posts it on the Registrar's office website. Consult the calendar to course add/drop deadlines, fee payment deadlines etc.
  • University of Alberta's Electronic Communications Policy - the University, FGSR and the MACT program will sent important correspondence to you via your U of A assigned email account. It is important that you check this account weekly. This is not the same as mail received on your course sites. Check via Webmail
  • Regulations Section of the University of Alberta Calendar
  • Maintaining Registration - this is particularly important for you as a part time student
  • Academic Standing (grading system, failure in or failure to complete course work)