Alicia Chan


Associate Professor

8-53 Medical Sciences Building
Office: 780.407.7333

Dr. Chan has a research interest in inherited metabolic diseases. Although these disorders are considered rare, the cumulative incidence is reported to be 1:1500-5000 live births. Many of these disorders are neurodegenerative or cause multiorgan dysfunction. Treatment for these disorders has evolved exponentially over the years. The metabolic research team has been involved in clinical research trials and registries for patients with lysosomal storage disorders including Fabry disease, Hunter syndrome, Gaucher disease, Pompe disease, Niemann Pick disease Type C, and Lysosomal Acid Lipase deficiency. The metabolic research team is also involved in a variety of national research studies including the Canadian research network (INFORM RARE) which evaluates new and existing therapies and makes recommendations to improve care for children with rare genetic diseases. The overall goal of the metabolic research team is to provide quality care for patients with inherited metabolic diseases so that they may live to their full potential.

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