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Mike Wong - Technologies to aid your scientific exploration: an overview of the Advanced Cell Exploration Core platforms and services

ImmuNet Seminar Series: September 14, 2023 at 4 pm. Oborowsky Degner Seminar Hall, 1-040 Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Innovation

Dr. Marc Horwitz - Virus enhanced age-associated B cells mediate commonalities in MS and other autoimmune diseases

ImmuNet Seminar Series: September 18, 2023 at 12 pm. Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA), 1-420 Conference Room

Kevin Coombs - Zika virus proteomics identifies dysregulated cellular proteins involved in DNA damage response, the neurosensory system and spermatogenesis

MMI Research Seminar : June 22, 11am, 1-040 Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Innovation

Dr. Ramon Klein Geltink - Metabolic conditioning of CD8 T cells; a little stress goes a long way

ImmuNet Zoominar: May 26, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Kalyan Das - Structural Understanding of Mitochondrial Transcription and HIV-1 Reverse Transcription States

MMI Zoominar: May 26, 9am (get zoom link from

Dr. Sonya MacParland - Behind the Mask: Mapping the Human Liver Microenvironment in Health and Disease

ImmuNet Seminar: May 19, 10am - 1-040 LKS bldg

Dr. Marianna Kulka - Mast cell activation through G protein- coupled receptors and the high affinity IgE receptor

ImmuNet Zoominar: May 12, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Stephanie Yanow - A heterologous vaccine strategy against malaria in pregnancy

ImmuNet Zoominar: May 5, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Carlos Fernandez-Patron - MMPs activity potential and possible contribution to cardiac-hepatic inflammation

ImmuNet Zoominar: Apr 28, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Kathy McCoy - The Role of the Microbiome in Regulating Innate and Adaptive Immunity

14th ANNUAL D. Lorne Tyrrell Lectureship in Infection and Immunity: April 21, 4pm - ECHA L1-190

Dr. Joel Dacks - Understanding membrane-trafficking systems of parasites through an evolutionary lens

ImmuNet Zoominar: Apr 14, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Johnathan Canton - Endosomal integrity in dendritic cells: when antigen makes a break for it

ImmuNet Zoominar: Apr 7, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Maya Shmulevitz - Assembly of capsids of dsRNA viruses: A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside and enigma

ImmuNet Zoominar: Mar 31, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Spencer Freeman - Immune surveillance and fluid handling by tissue resident macrophages

ImmuNet Zoominar: Mar 24, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Etienne Caron - Mapping the Immunopeptidomic Landscape of Mammalian Cells: Applications in Pediatric Cancer and Infectious Diseases

ImmuNet Zoominar: Mar 17, 12 noon !!! TIME CHANGED !!! (get zoom link from

Dr. Chris Le - CRISPR and isothermal amplification for sensitive detection of nucleic acids including SARS-CoV-2 RNA

ImmuNet Zoominar: Mar 10, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Noni MacDonald - Vaccine Acceptance in 2022: What We’ve Learned in 2021 and What We Need to Do Differently

ImmuNet Zoominar: Mar 3, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Wael Elhenawy - Investigating the role of Type IV secretion system in the pathogenesis of Crohn’s disease-associated Escherichia coli

ImmuNet Zoominar: Feb 17, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Stephen Barr - Evolution of a 500 Million Year Old Antiviral Warrior

ImmuNet Zoominar: Feb 10, 10am (get zoom link from

Ray Ishida - Antagonism of host interferon response by emerging positive- strand RNA viruses

Thesis defense seminar: Jan 24, 10:30am (get zoom link from

Dr. Megan Levings - Engineering regulatory T cells for tolerance

ImmuNet Zoominar: Jan 27, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Troy Baldwin - T cell tolerance – lessons from beyond the grave

ImmuNet Zoominar: Jan 20, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Nathan Peters - Protective CD4+ T helper memory: Truth or fiction?

ImmuNet Zoominar: Jan 13, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Lisa Cunningham - Ototoxic drug-induced hearing loss: basic and clinical studies

ImmuNet Zoominar: Dec 16, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe - Human gut-derived microbial ecosystems: from bench to bedside and beyond

ImmuNet Zoominar: Dec 9, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Yossef Av-gay - Targeting the macrophages' signalling; New approach in the combat against Tuberculosis

ImmuNet Zoominar: Dec 2, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Hartland Jackson - High dimension imaging: from single cell phenotypes to cellular networks

ImmuNet Zoominar: Nov 25, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Kerry Lavender - Humanized mouse models of viral disease and therapeutic assessment

ImmuNet Zoominar: Nov 18, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Craig McCormick - Stress responses at the virus-host interface

ImmuNet Zoominar: Nov 4, 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Daniel Unterweger - Bacterial infections with Pseudomonas aeruginosa

ImmuNet Zoominar: Oct 28 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Daniel Unterweger - Trainee Meeting

ImmuNet trainee meeting: Oct 28 11:10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Aaron Marshall - Targeting B cell signaling pathways in autoimmunity and hematologic malignancy

ImmuNet Zoominar: Oct 21 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Elitza Tocheva - Applying advanced imaging approaches to study microbial ultrastructure

ImmuNet Zoominar: Oct 14 10am (get zoom link from

Dr. Yoontae Lee - Role of Capicua in lymphocyte development and differentiation

ImmuNet Zoominar: Oct 7 4pm (get zoom link from

CANCELED - Distinguished immunologist seminar

Dr. Donna Farber 's seminar has had to be postponed till 2022. Please join us for today's afternoon ImmuNet seminar.

Dr. Zeinab Hosseinidoust - Lytic phage intervention for colitis

ImmuNet Zoominar: Sep 23 10am (get zoom link from

MSc defense seminar: Cole Delyea, August 31, 12:30 pm. (get zoom link from

NODy Bacterial response: Salmonella effector SspH2 utilizes targeted ubiquitination to increase inflammation

MSc defense seminar: Greg Vallee, August 10, 1 pm. (get zoom link from

Vaccinia Virus Gene Acquisition Through Non-Homologous Recombination

PhD defense seminar: Saeideh Davoodi, July 15, 9 am. (get zoom link from

Characterization of the crosstalk between immunity and metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster model

MSc defense seminar: Madeleine Wiebe, July 7, 1:30 pm. (get zoom link from

Investigation of antibody-mediated immune mechanisms during submicroscopic infections of pregnancy-associated malaria in pregnant women from Colombia

PhD defense seminar: Brendan Todd, July 6, 10 am. (get zoom link & password from

Characterization and Inhibition of Viral Nuclease Enzymes

PhD defense seminar: Katie Mitran, June 30, 1 pm. (get zoom link & password from

Investigation of the immunological cross-reactivity between Plasmodium vivax Duffy Binding Protein and Plasmodium falciparum VAR2CSA for vaccine development

MMI seminar: Dr. Vanessa Meier-Stephenson, June 7, noon

Gaining a foothold -- Using structural features in HBV to selectively target its cccDNA (get zoom link & password from

ImmuNet zoominar: Dr. Arthur Mortha, May 27, !!!12 noon!!!

Disease regulation by innate lymphoid cells (Not yet in ImmuNet? get zoom link & password from

ImmuNet zoominar: Dr. Ben Willing, May 20, 10am

How disrupting microbial colonization succession in the first weeks of life can contribute to long term immune and metabolic health (Not yet in ImmuNet? get zoom link & password from

ImmuNet zoominar: Dr. Gregory A. Dekaban, May 13, 10am

Tracking therapeutics cells in vivo by cellular magnetic resonance and magnetic particle imaging (Not yet in ImmuNet? get zoom link & password from

ImmuNet zoominar Dr. Jeanette Boudreau, May 6, 10am

Natural killer cells as agents of precision Immunotherapy (Not yet in ImmuNet? get zoom link & password from

ImmuNet zoominar: Dr. Horacio Bach, Apr 29, 10am

The role of dendritic cells in dissemination of diseases (Not yet in ImmuNet? get zoom link & password from

ImmuNet zoominar Dr. Bob Hancock, Apr 22, 10 am

Systems Immunology: using omics data to reveal novel mechanisms, biomarkers and interventions in human inflammatory/infectious diseases (Not yet in ImmuNet? get zoom link & password from

ImmuNet zoominar: Dr. Carlos Velazquez, Apr 15, 10am

Chemical modulation of the oncogenic FOXM1 transcription factor: development of theranostic agents to detect triple negative-breast cancer (Not yet in ImmuNet? get zoom link & password from

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