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Troy Baldwin, PhD

Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the choice between life (positive selection) and death (negative selection) in the thymus.



Amit Bhavsar, PhD

We study how genomic variation affects chemotherapeutic side effects in childhood cancer as well as molecular mechanisms bacteria use to subvert host immune systems.

Xavier Clemente-Casares, PhD

My lab works in the broad field of Cardiac Immunopathology, focusing on the complex relationship between the heart and the immune system.

Wael Elhenawy, PhD

Investigating how gut bacteria can drive inflammatory bowel diseases. We also study the spread of antibiotic resistance across bacterial communities

David Evans
David Evans, PhD #

We use biochemical and molecular-genetic methods to investigate mechanisms of poxvirus recombination and its linkage to replication.

Edan Foley, PhD

We study the effects of commensal and pathogenic bacteria on intestinal immunity.

Judy Gnarpe, PhD,
Faculty Service Officer

I am interested in medical education and have developed Brainspan, a multiplayer asynchronous game generator for creating learning games

Matthias Gotte, PhD (MMI chair)

We study key viral proteins using biochemical and genetic techniques to understand their mechanisms and facilitate knowledge-based drug design.

Michael Houghton
Michael Houghton, PhD

Hepatitis C & B vaccinology, virology and immunology. Investigations into the viral etiology of inflammatory disease.

Robert Ingham
Robert Ingham, PhD

Lymphocyte signalling; abnormal signalling in lymphoma; virus-host interactions in lymphocytes; protein ubiquitylation.

David Marchant
David Marchant, PhD

Respiratory viruses - We investigate the receptor binding and signalling events that occur during respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in the lungs.

Kevin Kane
Kevin Kane, PhD
(MMI Interim Chair)

Regulation of cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) and natural killer (NK) cell destruction of virally infected cells and cancer cells. Role of class I MHC in these processes.

Hanne Ostergaard, PhD

We study Cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) activation in response to antigen stimulation to facilitate knowledge-based manipulation of CTL to enhance protective immunity.

Maya Shmulevitz
Maya Shmulevitz, PhD

Research in my laboratory is currently focused on understanding how various viral and cellular proteins impact reovirus replication in cancer cells.

Sue Tsai, PhD

My lab studies adaptive immune cell function and immunometabolism. We use genetic and diet models to understand how obesity impacts immune function.

Lorne Tyrrell, MD, PhD

Molecular biology of hepadnaviruses. Animal models for hepatitis B & C. Chemo- and Immunotherapy for chronic hepatitis B & C.


Faculty members with a cross-appointment in MMI

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