Faculty Members

Dr. Michael Houghton

Director of Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute (LKSAVI) , Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Virology 2010-2017, Professor
Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology
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About Me

Michael Houghton PhD is an international leader in viral hepatitis. In 1989, his USA laboratory & collaborators identified the hepatitis C virus (HCV) and then developed blood tests that have since prevented millions of infections from tainted blood donations around the world. He has received numerous international prizes for this work including the 2000 Clinical Lasker Award, the Robert Koch Medal in 1993 and the Canadian CLF-CASL gold medal in 2012. His passion is the application of biomedical research to prevent disease. 


Along with Dr. Lorne Tyrrell and a large team of experts within his academic lab and the Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute, Dr. Houghton is developing a vaccine against HCV by optimising both the production of cross-neutralising antibodies and cross-reactive cellular immune responses to the many different genotypes of HCV that occur around the world. Clinical trials are expected to be initiated in 2019.His laboratory has also discovered new blood biomarkers associated with autoimmune liver disease which will be tested for clinical diagnostic utility in 2018/9.He is also involved in other programs such as the discovery of new antivirals, anti-cancer agents and inhibitors of fatty liver disease, all incorporating state-of-art computational science allied with biomedical methods.

Here is a link of Dr. Houghton's Recent Publications

Team Members

Team members

HOUGHTON, Dr. Michael

PI, LKSAVI & Katz Bldg. Labs


Operations Manager, LKSAVI Lab

NIEMAN, Dr. James

Head, Medicinal Chemist, LKSAVI Lab

KANDADAI, Dr. Srinivas

Senior Synthetic Chemist, LKSAVI Lab


Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab

LANDI, Dr. Amir

Research Scientist, LKSAVI Lab

LAW, Dr. John

Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab

LOGAN, Dr. Michael

Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab


Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab

HENA, Dr. Mostofa

Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab

BAI, Dr. Bing

Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab

DUDEK, Dr. Elzbieta

Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab

KUNDU, Dr. Juthika

Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab

MOTTET, Kelly 

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Specialist, LKSAVI Lab


Biological Technologist, LKSAVI Lab

SAHU, Dr. Kamlesh

Research Associate, LKSAVI Lab

SANTER, Dr. Deanna

Research Associate, Katz Bldg. Lab


Lab Manager,LKSAVI & Katz Bldg. Labs


Research technologist, LKSAVI Lab


Technician, LKSAVI Lab


Technician, LKSAVI Lab

CHEN, Chao

Technician, LKSAVI Lab

MINTY, Gillian

Technician, LKSAVI & Katz Bldg. Labs

HOU, Xiaoqing (Ervin)

Technician, LKSAVI Lab

LOWEN-Dobler, Darci

Lab Assistant (part-time), LKSAVI Lab


Admin Assistant, LKSAVI Lab

WONG, Jason

PhD student ,Katz Bldg Lab

KUNDU, Dr. Joydeb

Research Associate, Katz Bldg. Lab

JOHNSON, Janelle

M.Sc. student, Katz Bldg. Lab