Global Nursing Office

We provide leadership in fostering the development of global citizenship through local, national and international initiatives. We partner with global health agencies, academies, professionals, associates and alumni to tackle complex health issues. The Faculty of Nursing has partnerships with multiple countries to facilitate student and faculty mobility related to research and educational collaborations.

The Faculty of Nursing's 2018-2023 Strategic Plan outlines the following: We will partner with global health and community agencies, academies, professions, associations, and alumni to tack complex global health issues by:

  • Expanding the Faculty's global activities in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

  • Developing, increasing, and sustaining activities to enhance global health education, research, and service within the Faculty.

  • Demonstrating the impact of innovative nurse practitioner health services.

  • Gathering advice from strategic partners and community leaders.

  • Growing and developing new clinical placements to meet current and future needs of the graduate and undergraduate student body.


Student Testimonials

"The time spent practicing at Rawlings Circle has offered me the chance to better understand cultural competence. It has given me the ability to recognize my unique cultural journey and see the influences it holds within relationships. With this I am able to understand how to respond to a patient whose values may differ from my own."-Danika Forester

"Each day we are taking steps physically and emotionally towards being pushed to experience and learn. This growth isn't always a comfortable feeling, as it makes me question myself as well as challenges me to look at the world through a new set of lenses."-Christy Wuthrich

"My experience in Ghana thus far has taught me to appreciate the connection two individuals can have between each other. Even though we may not speak the same language, come from the same cultural backgrounds, or share the same beliefs-we're all human."-Emma Heistad

"My time at 37 Military Hospital is an experience I will never forget.I learnt to advocate for my patient, to build up the confidence in my practice and share my evidence-based practice to increase their health and well-being."-Shea Johnson