Support courses are the non-nursing courses that are included in the course sequencing for the University of Alberta BScN programs. These are generally delivered in a large group setting without a tutorial component. Courses include subject areas that are important to the nursing body of knowledge such as anatomy, physiology, medical microbiology, psychology, sociology, pharmacotherapeutics, political science, philosophy, etc. These support courses contribute to a well-rounded academic education for Faculty of Nursing students.
Lectures provide students with foundational, course specific content designed to build knowledge that can be applied in a variety of nursing practice situations. Lectures are typically delivered in a large group setting, with or without seminar and lab components, and address key foundational knowledge in major subject areas including anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, health assessment, introduction to nursing theory, medical microbiology, psychology, sociology, and pharmacotherapeutics. Strategies to increase student engagement and participation in lectures will vary across instructors.