Clinical Experiences

Nursing practice occurs in concentrated blocks of time in a variety of community and institutional settings: hospitals, continuing care centres, schools, lodges, etc. These experiences enable students to be comfortable and competent in a variety of health care settings and to put into practice the knowledge and skills that they are learning in the classroom and labs. Nursing courses that end in the word "Practice" are clinical placement courses.

  • Clinical placements are arranged within Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area. If needed, placements may be arranged as far away as 150 kilometres from Edmonton. 
  • Students are responsible for their transportation to placements and for the costs of travel and accommodation (if applicable).
  • Clinical placements can take place on day and evening shifts - at the start of each of your clinical courses throughout the program you will be given a schedule with the shifts identified. In general, day shifts are from 7am to 3pm and evening shifts are from 3pm to 11pm.
  • Clinical placements are negotiated in a collaborative manner by the various educational institutions in the city that incorporate clinical placements into their programs. Once sites are secured, the placements and clinical tutors are assigned to small groups of students. There are sometimes opportunities for a student to swap with another student within the first week of placement assignments.
  • If there are any extenuating circumstances that could affect a student's participation in clinical placements in general or at a specific placement site, this should be communicated to the applicable Program or Year Coordinator prior to the assignment of placements (for example, an immediate family member is a staff member on one of the units, you have a child that requires specialized care, etc.).

Note: Clinical placements are unpaid positions

In 2009 the Faculty of Nursing and Alberta Health Services' Royal Alexandra Hospital celebrated the official opening of a collaborative Clinical Learning Unit (CLU) for patients, staff, students and faculty on unit 43.

The CLU environment is seen as one where faculty, staff and students collaboratively translate ethics, evidence, and other learning into good practice, effective teamwork and quality patient care within our combined resources. The Faculty of Nursing continues to work with local hospitals to extend the CLU model to other patient care units.

NURS 495 - Nursing Practice VIII

NURS 495 is the final clinical placement in the program, and is taken in a clinical area of interest to the student that is approved by the Faculty of Nursing. In certain cases, this placement can take place in another region of Alberta, in other provinces, or internationally. Students are each overseen by a preceptor, a Registered Nurse who is a staff member on the site where the final placement occurs, in collaboration with a faculty member.

For more information about international options for NURS 495 and to read about the previous experiences of students who have participated in these opportunities, visit the Global Nursing Office's Student Opportunities page.

Clinical Learning Unit (CLU)