Clinical Experiences

Clinical learning occurs in clinical settings or alternate settings where the focus is consolidating clinical knowledge and judgment. Clinical settings may include but are not limited to: hospitals, continuing care centres, community health/public health centres, etc. These learning experiences enable students to be comfortable and competent in a variety of health care settings and to put into practice the knowledge and skills that they are learning in the classroom and labs. Nursing courses that end in the word "Practice" are clinical learning courses.

  • Clinical placements are arranged within Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area. If needed, placements may be arranged as far away as 150 kilometres from Edmonton.
  • Students are responsible for their transportation to placements and for the costs of travel and accommodation (if applicable).
  • Rural placement opportunities will also be available to provide students with a broader perspective of the nursing roles and to gain a broader experience
  • Clinical placements can take place on day and evening shifts - at the start of each of your clinical courses throughout the program you will be given a schedule with the shifts identified. In general, day shifts are from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and evening shifts are from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Clinical placements are negotiated in a collaborative manner by the various educational institutions in the city that incorporate clinical placements into their programs. Once sites are secured, the placements and clinical tutors are assigned to small groups of students. 
  • If there are any extenuating circumstances that could affect a student's participation in clinical placements in general or at a specific placement site, this should be communicated to the applicable Program Coordinator prior to the assignment of placements (for example, an immediate family member is a staff member on one of the units, you have a child that requires specialized care, etc.). Placement requests are planned in advance (minimum of 4 months prior). See Clinical Accommodations for additional information.

Note: Clinical placements are unpaid learning experiences

NURS 485 Nursing Practice in a Focused Area

NURS 485 is the final clinical placement in the program, and is taken in a clinical area of interest to the student that is approved by the Faculty of Nursing. Opportunities for Nursing 485 may be available outside of the greater Edmonton area. Students are each overseen by a preceptor, a Registered Nurse who is a staff member on the site where the final placement occurs, in collaboration with a faculty member.

Health and Safety Requirements