Assignment Reappraisal

Students may request reappraisal of marks for learning assessments (individual assignments, papers or other course components that are weighted at 20%, or greater, of the final course mark. This excludes all examinations and group assignments.

The first step in the reappraisal process requires meeting with the course instructor to discuss the assignment mark. If, subsequently, the issue remains unresolved, a student may submit a request for an assignment reappraisal to the course Teaching Team Lead (TTL)/Program Coordinator.

Step 1: Grounds for Request for Assignment Reappraisal

Answer YES to any of the following:

  • I believe there was an error(s) in calculation of a learning assignment mark;
  • I believe that a procedural error occurred on the part of the Faculty of Nursing;
  • I believe there was a bias or discrimination against me on the part of the Faculty of Nursing

NOTE: Your disagreement with a mark you have been awarded does not in itself constitute a procedural error.

Step 2: Submitting a Request for Assignment Reappraisal

You must submit Assignment Reappraisals within 10 (ten) working days of the posting date of the assignment mark in Gradebook. Late appeals will not be considered.

You will need to complete the Request for Reappraisal of an Assignment, Paper or Other Course Components and submit your form to the Program Coordinator, Teaching Team Lead or the Program Chairperson.

Students completing Year 4 of their undergraduate program at Red Deer Polytechnic, Keyano College, or Northwestern Polytechnic should submit the Request for Reappraisal of an Assignment, Paper or Other Course Components form to the Program Chairperson at their institution.

The request for assignment reappraisal must stipulate the percentage the assignment was worth and explain the grounds on which the mark is contested. The Assignment Reappraisal request will be considered by the Teaching Team Lead/Program Coordinator/Program Chair, who decides whether you have established grounds for the reappraisal. If the Teaching Team Lead/Program Coordinator/Program Chair decides you do not have established grounds, then an assignment reappraisal will not occur.

If grounds are established, the TTL, Program Coordinator or the Program Chairperson may conduct the reappraisal or seek a blind review from a faculty member who has not been involved in marking the student in the course, and who is able to provide the assessment.

The reviewer completes an independent review of the assignment and provides a recommendation to the TTL/Coordinator. Normally, the second mark, whether higher or lower, will be combined with the original mark and the two marks are averaged to become the new assignment mark.

Decisions concerning reappraisals are final and cannot be appealed to the Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Nursing Academic Appeals Committee or the U of A General Faculties Council Academic Appeals Committee (GFC AAC).