Reappraisal of Final Examination

Detailed Criteria

Found in University Calendar under Grievances Concerning Grades; Faculty of Nursing Appeal Policies and Procedures for Undergraduate Programs Sections 4 and 5

The assignment of marks and grades is the initial responsibility of a course instructor. Any grievances concerning grades should first be discussed with the instructor. If the problem is not resolved, the student is encouraged to talk with the chair of the department where the course is taught, and then with the Dean of the Faculty where the course is taught.

  1. Undergraduate students who would like to request a reappraisal of a final examination can do so on the following grounds:
    1. Errors in calculation;
    2. Procedural errors on the part of the Faculty of Nursing;
    3. Failure of the Faculty of Nursing to consider all factors relevant to the decision being appealed;
    4. Bias or discrimination against the student on the part of the Faculty of Nursing.
  2. Reappraisal mark: It should be understood that if the grade is changed, the new grade, whether higher or lower than the original, replaces it as the student's official grade in the course.
  3. The privilege of having papers reappraised applies only to final examinations. A student may apply for reappraisal of no more than two final examination papers in each term of the Fall/Winter. A student enrolled in the Spring/Summer will be limited to two reappraisals.
  4. Payment of the required fee will normally be made at the time of the request but must be made no later than two weeks after submission of the request; the fee will be refunded if the appeal is successful.
  5. Reappraisal deadlines:
    1. Fall Term Courses
      • Apply: No later than February 1
    2. Winter Term and Fall/Winter Term Courses:
      1. Apply: No later than June 22
    3. Spring/Summer Courses
      1. Apply: Within 30 days of the posting of the results.