Scholarships and Awards

Department of Pediatrics / Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Department of Pediatrics Recruitment Scholarship

  • Worth $7,500
    Applications due TBA.

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

  • Medical Sciences Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)
  • 75th Anniversary Graduate Studies Award
  • Graduate Student Recruitment Studentships (GSRS) - FoMD (Basic science research)

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Note: Alberta Health Services has an equivalent Graduate Student Recruitment Studentships research in Clinical Science and Population Health.

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

  • General Awards Program (These include QE II Graduate Scholarships, President's Doctoral Prize of Distinction)
  • Travel Awards (Mary Louise Imrie G.S. Award, J Gordin Kaplan G.S Award)

Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for more awards.

Miscellaneous Awards

Awards for publication prizes such as WAGS/UMI Distinguished Thesis Awards, Dr. Frank X. Witkowski Memorial Publication Prize, Medical Staff Society Publication Prize, and the FoMD MedStar Awards are also available.

There are many research-related awards, scholarships and bursaries available to students, trainees and faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta.