Patrick E MacDonald


Dr Patrick E MacDonald Patrick Macdonald


BSc (Hons), University of Western Ontario, Physiology, 1998
PhD, University of Toronto, Physiology, 2003

Office: 6-126 Li Ka Shing Centre
(☎) 780.492.8063
Lab: 6-040 Li Ka Shing Centre
(☎) 780.492.9475

Teaching: PMCOL450/550

Our research focuses on understanding the mechanisms controlling release of the blood-sugar-regulating hormones insulin and glucagon from the pancreatic endocrine islet cells. We use molecular, biochemical, imaging and electrophysiological approaches to study the machinery controlling secretion in cells from animal models and human organ donors. Our group also oversees the Alberta Diabetes Institute IsletCore, a human pancreas tissue biobanking program and we are home to the Canadian Islet Research and Training Network. Dr. MacDonald coordinates PMCOL450/550 focused on the Pharmacotherapy of Diabetes.

Selected Recent Publications