Myron Zwozdesky

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Assistant Lecturer



Academic Activities

My teaching duties cover the pharmacology of common clinical drugs used in dental hygiene and drugs of abuse, and a cellular and molecular approach to toxicity.


Courses include:
PMCOL 300 Introduction to pharmacology for dental hygienists
PMCOL 303 Introduction to toxicology
PMCOL 305 Pharmacology of drugs of abuse
PMCOL 343 Scientific basis of pharmacology pt 1 (guest lecturer)
DHYG 356 Oral health sciences IV (guest lecturer)
DHYG 455 Oral health sciences V (guest lecturer)


My administrative duties include chairing graduate student committee meetings, providing advice to undergraduate students about course content or professional school applications and giving public lectures on pharmacological topics (e.g. Alcohol or cannabis awareness). Reach out for a conversation!"