Academic Regulations

All policies at the University of Alberta must be approved by he General Faculties Council (GFC)

Please refer to the University of Alberta calendar for University Regulations and Information for Students and the General Faculties Council Policy Manual and FGSR for further information. The following policies are specific to the PT Department.

General Faculties Council Policy Manual

Faculty of Graduate Studies Program Manual

University of Alberta Calendar

Academic Regulations


Evaluation Procedures and Grading System


Academic Standing

Student Concerns - Appeals and Grievances

Students in the MScPT program have several venues for dealing with concerns. Informal resolution is always encouraged as a first step but if concerns remain the students can employ more formal processes. The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (FRM) Appeals process is followed by the Department.
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine Appeals Document - May 2015

If appropriate a student can also pursue the appeals procedures outlined in the University regulations and/or the policies of the FGSR.

UofA Academic Calendar

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Overall the instructors, Academic Coordinator for Clinical Education (ACCE) and Program Director maintain an open door policy. Students are free to phone, email or meet and discuss concerns related to any aspect of the MScPT program. The student's Academic Advisor is also a resource person.

Role of the Academic Advisor

Students are encouraged to speak with the ACCE regarding concerns related to clinical placements. The ACCE is available by phone, email or in person (where applicable) to discuss student placement concerns. Students are also required to complete a Student Evaluation of the Clinical Placement form in which they document their placement experiences. The student's evaluations are reviewed by the ACCE at the end of each placement. Noted concerns are discussed with the student and where necessary the relevant Centre Coordinator for Clinical Education (CCCE) or Clinical Instructor (CI) / Supervisor.

Professionalism and Codes of Behaviour

Students in the MScPT Program are considered to be 'professionals in training' and should exhibit professional behaviour in all activities associated with the MScPT Program, the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, the University of Alberta and the greater Physical Therapy professional community. Several resources and regulations exist to guide students.