Faculty Relations

Faculty Relations provides advice and assistance on a range of academic human resource issues, including:

  • academic appointments, secondments, leaves, compensation, faculty evaluation, and medical accommodations;
  • interpretation and application of the Faculty, Faculty Services Officer (FSO) and Contract Academic Staff: Teaching (ATS) staff agreements;
  • compensation negotiations and agreement review with Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta (AASUA);
  • negotiations with the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) on the Graduate Student Assistantship Collective Agreement;
  • application of various policies relating to the conduct of academic staff, including the Conflict of Interest and Commitment and Institutional Conflict Policy, and the Research and Scholarship Integrity Policy;
  • informal and formal resolution of conflicts, grievances, appeals and complaints that involve academic staff;
  • administration and coordination of Deans selections and reviews.

Faculty Relations works collaboratively with Human Resource Services in interpreting academic agreements and administering terms and conditions for all academic staff.

Faculty Relations Directory (in alphabetical order)

Maryam Bagheritari
Faculty Relations Officer
Tel: (780) 492-6643
Maryam manages various aspects of the Faculty Relations unit and works with faculties and departments on various academic HR matters.

Susan Buchsdruecker

Faculty Relations Officer

Tel: (780) 492-7813


Susan provides advice to University administrators on the interpretation and implementation of the collective agreements for graduate students and academic staff. She is the primary contact on matters related to administrative appointments and leaves, academic secondments, housing loans, spousal hires, and special salary adjustments.

Sue Crackston
Faculty Relations Assistant
Tel: (780) 492-9793
Sue provides administrative and logistical support to the Director and team of Faculty Relations.

Pamela Hayes
Faculty Relations Assistant
Tel: (780) 492-4076
Pam provides general administrative and logistical support to members of Faculty Relations. She also provides support to the President's Review Committee (PRC) and the General Appeals Committee (GAC).

Donna Herman
Special Advisor
Tel: (780) 492-8690
Donna provides management support to the President's Review Committee (PRC) for Faculty Evaluation Committees (FECs) and advice on the evaluation of academic staff by the FECs. She develops policies, procedures, agreements and templates to support academic recruitment and retention and is the primary contact for policies and procedures regarding conflict of interest and commitment for academic staff.

David Johnson
Special Advisor
Tel: (780) 248-1246
David provides management support on appeals to the General Appeals Committee (GAC) and the adjudication of complaints under the Research and Scholarship Integrity Policy. He provides advice on the evaluation of academic staff by the Faculty Evaluation Committees (FECs), and guidance on academic freedom issues.

John Law
Special Advisor
Tel: (780) 492-4485
John provides management support on appeals to the General Appeals Committee (GAC). He works with Donna Herman and David Johnson in the development of policies, procedures, templates and documentation in relation to academic recruitment, appointment, retention, promotion and discipline. He provides advice on the evaluation of academic staff by Faculty Evaluation Committees and policies and procedures concerning Conflict of Interest and Commitment and Supplementary Professional Activities.

Andrea Patrick
Selection and Review Initiatives Manager
Tel: (780) 492-6709
Andrea provides overall management for two of the processes overseen by the Office of the Provost: dean selections and reviews, and academic quality assurance processes. She is the first point of contact for participating faculties, departments, and committee members, and oversees all aspects of both processes.

Brian Pearson
Senior Faculty Relations Officer
Tel: (780) 492-3698
Brian manages the resolution of complaints filed against academic staff members. He is also responsible for leadership to collective bargaining with the non-academic staff association, and supports negotiations on the academic staff and graduate student agreements.

Michelle Strong
Director, Faculty Relations
Tel: (780) 492-6493
Michelle directs the operations of Faculty Relations and provides oversight to the work of the Faculty Relations team. She advises and provides strategic counsel to the Provost and senior administrators on human resource issues affecting academic staff, and is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that support and sustain collaborative relations with the Association of Academic Staff, University of Alberta (AASUA).

Cindy Watt
Faculty Relations Officer
Cindy provides logistical support to dean selections and reviews. The position is responsible for coordination and document management related to the selection and/or review processes and is the first point of contact for committee members.